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Image of Loofah

These were personally grown by my dear friend Beth, and we are so excited to offer them!

Grown locally with no pesticides or weed killer.  Loofahs grow on vines and look like zucchini until they are dried and peeled. Loofahs can last years when allowed to dry between use and add no plastic waste to landfills.   On 100% cotton rope.
Discoloration is natural bruising from its time as a soft vegetable. You might even find a seed! These are straight from the farmer and minimally processed BY US by hand.  It is not as stiff while you are using it as it is now.  
Thoroughly wet and squeeze at each use to soften fibers, better over time. Rinse after use, and allow to dry well.  

TO CLEAN: soak in 1 quart of water with 4T vinegar for 2 hours, then dry.